Celebrating You?

Celebrating You?

Appreciating friends and family is a very good thing everyone must learn. You see, I have written in one of the articles on my blog the necessity of appreciation of family and friends while they are still alive. So no need to talk about that today( You can read the article here Ghost Worship). However, there is a point we can get to that we forget we exist. Yes, I may appreciate people’s abilities and skills and forget that I have abilities and skills too. I will just tell you why you should start planning on appreciating you.

First, you must understand that everyone you appreciate and praise or even look up to have their own failings and weaknesses. You see, most people wouldn’t come out telling you their areas of weaknesses. Nobody does that! Yet, I have not seen anyone who has everything and doesn’t have a place he is still improving on. Some are proud to mention it to you so you know they don’t have it all together. Some don’t. Notwithstanding their weaknesses you celebrate them for their feats and greatness. So, you see you have to celebrate your self notwithstanding your weakness. You can read my article on The Best Cheerleader, where I dealt with the reasons why you must always cheer yourself on.

Second, you find time to celebrate your achievements so you don’t lose track of what you are doing. You see, it is very easy to fall into depression when we forget of the little wins we have achieved. Now, I know that it is not too good to stay on the past success as well as it is not even good to stay on the past failures. We move! The truth is the fact that we have achieved anything in the past should give us the courage to move on. Spread the past glory and honours you have in the past and celebrate your little wins. We all must know that no matter how small the win is, win is win. So we should not celebrate the person who won a gold medal and because we won a bronze and not celebrate. We may not be there yet but it shows that we moved, that is an achievement on its own and it worth celebration.

Lastly, we all know that everyone in life is peculiar. The Holy book says that comparing one with another is foolishness. So, celebrating others and forgetting to celebrate your achievements will mean you are using others as the yardstick for yours. The truth is that we have our time and season differently. We should look at ourselves based on our moves not based on others. A snail can’t be wise comparing its speed with that of a cheetah. We should be wise! Celebrate your beauty, little wins, giftings, skills, success and happiness! If you don’t, who will?

Your Friend,
Adeyemi O. Owoade (Nums Motion)

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