Voices and Echoes – Taiwo Elijah Ogunleye

Taiwo Elijah Ogunleye is a Nigerian lawyer and poet. On the 26th day of October, 2019, he challenged himself to write ten poems in a rush. In his words, poems should come as a spontaneous overflow of one’s thoughts. The result of the ten poems have been compiled in the book “Voices and Echoes”.


Below is one of the poems in the book


The choice of a wife hasn’t been easy
It isn’t because good women are scarce
Or because I’m afraid to fall in love
Far from it, God has blessed the world with many good women

I have fallen in love with some,
Played hide and seek in dark nights
But there were days that things did not go well
And boom, off they went, never looking back to fix the bridge

I have crushed on some,
Too terrified to speak my heart,
Until the big boys came to steal the show,
Making me the lover they waited in vain to have

I have observed some from afar,
Planning to shoot my shot as soon as I could.
Alas! Some of them are modern feminists,
Too important to birth you into this world

There is one that bears your name,
As calm as palm wine in an untouched jar,
Beautiful to behold, kind in words,
I tried to protect her ego and she slipped away

There were many that came knocking,
Those days in Bwari, expecting a magical opening,
But one was waiting at home for my return
And the knockers only wanted a substitute for few months,
The one at home is gone, far beyond my eyes

My love, be patient with me,
I am searching a good mother for you
One that will share our home with us,
And love us unconditionally as we love her too

19:08/ 26-10-2019

To get a copy of the e-book click on the link below VOICES AND ECHOES

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