Pencils, Erasers and Sharpners

Pencils, Erasers and Sharpners.

Hello! It’s been awhile you heard from me. I know I have been off. It seems to I have been up on the mountain looking down on life and thinking about life and everything else. It’s a good thing to do. You know it’s not everytime you talk, there must be a time for reflections and meditation. From the time of meditation and reflection comes insights that bring extraordinary performances. In addition to that, leaving the stage is also good to ensure you gain strength in diverse ways. That said, during one of my reflection time, I remembered the days of nursery school and how we use pencils, erasers and sharpener. The reflection was tailored towards life and relationships. Stay with me as I share this reflection.

First, Pencils are given to us as resources both material and non material. We have time to write our life and destiny. We can use the time we have the way we like. We often spend resources on whatever we like. Some will be wise and they will write good things with their pencils. Some will draw with it beautiful pictures. Sometimes, the pencils are different types, life is not supposedly equal. Some have coloured pencils while others have just the ordinary 2b or Hb pencil. You should know that the magic people can do with just the ordinary 2b pencil may be different from the colour pencils. It is even a well known fact that it is not the pencil that determines who will be the best writer or artist. It is the artist. So an average owner of colour pencils may not be better than one with ordinary pencil.

Now, it is imperative to talk about sharpeners. This is the refinery of the crude resources. What I am saying is that life has given us certain resources. Yet it may seem not to be equally distributed, but there can be proper maximization of the resources. It goes to say that the common resources such as time cannot be used anyhow. The uncommon resources will not be useful in the hands of the person who doesn’t know their value neither understand their use. These uncommon resources include talents, abilities learnt from childhood, wealth etc. All these must be fine-tuned by the possessor to be able to use them well. Everyone must acquire certain skills to get better at what they do. You can’t be using the strength of nursery school in primary school. You need to train like one in primary school. Improvement cannot be overemphasized if you need to get better in life. Skills should be improved. Body structure too can be sharpened. You see that your ability to set you above others must be refined. Make use of the little things you have, improve on it and the world will celebrate you. Remember, a pencil that has not been in the hands of sharpener is as useless as a stick no matter how beautiful it is.

Also, Erasers are to remove the errors made when we write with pencils. It occurs to me that at some stage it seems as if pencils are what we held in our hands and as we grew up it changed to pen. I think it is because it is opined that we should make less mistakes as we grow in life. You see, you can stay in life and remain using pencil. You know if a child stay in nursery school for years and refused to learn how to improve in writing, we may opine that such kid has problem. So we can’t stay in life doing the same thing the same way for years. Apart from breathing and some other few things about our body, I guess there are many things that should improve about us. You see as you grow up in life, there are mistakes you shouldn’t continue making. I know you have grown up that way but it will be dangerous to be consistent in error. You may need to change something about your life. When you are a child, you cried and act like a child, you are grown now act like a mature person you are. It is easy to rewrite errors written with pencil, just get erasers and the work will be done. But you see the errors written in pen are always very hard to remove.

So as you grow up, the impact of your errors too increases. So you have to watch the things you do than ever before. Be careful about decisions you make. Think it through. Don’t jump at any offer. Be careful how you relate with men. Be careful what you do now as they will definitely define you later. You may need to change some habits. Childhood is different from adulthood. You are adult now, act like one.

I hope you have learnt something from my reflection on pencils, erasers and sharpeners. Till I come your way next time as I share with you about pencils, erasers and sharpeners in relationships. Improve and get better in life.

I remain your friend
Adeyemi O. Owoade (Nums Motion)

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