The Worst is yet to happen!

There are several things you may need to consider as this week ends. One of it is the fact that the worst has never happened. Knowing that the thing that happened to you or to your society is not the worst, may be one of the reasons for you to just move on in life. See, life has different phases and each phase with its own problem. People often say each level with its devil. The moment you think what has happened to you is the worst, you are on the verge of troubling yourself.

You would have heard a lot of evil things that have happened in history. It will be shocking to know that many more evil days are ahead. I am not scaring you. The world itself evolves and the people therein follow suit. The more we grow, so do evil, problems and stupid decisions of leaders. So each day we leave behind is a lesser value to the one ahead both in goodness and evil.

Now, knowing that each day has a potential of improving the evil or the good. We leave prepared to face each day. We speak good words. We make good confession. However, when we meet the people on the different pace, we must not allow them to distract or push us off our course. But if they have made decisions that now affect us and the populace, what should we do? We should stand and give up on life? No, we plan again. We move on with life. We live the life. We must know that the best of life is yet to come, so also, the worst is yet to happen. We must not give up on life because of the worst that happened to us because the worst is yet to happen to anyone, we only see what happens per time.

Don’t worry about today too! Live to fight tomorrow! There are more to achieve as well as more terrible battles to face.

Your best days are ahead! Don’t Give up now!

Enjoy your weekend!

Adeyemi O. Owoade (Nums Motion)

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